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To recover


What are the first steps you can start to do for yourself:Recognize you live or have lived in a situation of violence.

  • Recognize that violence is never justifiable.
  • Recognize that you are not a problem, but that you have a problem.
  • Recognize that it is always possible to find a solution.
  • Talk about what you are experiencing with somebody.

The hardest moment is when you ask for help. Talking about it with somebody else brings back to light a very deep pain which you desperately tried to deny and repress. There are many paths you can take: psychological, civil legal paths and suing.

Psychological path: you can turn to Antiviolence centers, where you can find highly trained people.

You can start a psychotherapeutic path with a qualified expert who can give you the strength to recover from the nightmare of the violence and bring you back to light. You can join a Mutual Self-help group A.M.A. where you can meet women who suffered situations like yours who tell, confront and help each other to start a new life.

Legal path: in the Antiviolence Centers you can find legal support.
With the operators you can understand and know all the juridical instruments at your disposal and think about the most appropriate legal path to your personal situation.

The role of the Law Enforcement Agencies: the law enforcement agencies are the first ring of a potential and positive way to recover from violence. They strongly take a position against violence, refraining from attempts of reconciliation in the couple, give adequate and correct information about rights and help forms to the woman victim of violence, and they represent a clear and incentive sign, which is fundamental to stop the circuit of violence.