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Who we are

The Mutual Self-Help Groups were born in 1935 in the United States.

They are an instrument experimented and verified for a long time in Italy, small groups structures, voluntary based, with the intention of self-help and aiming at particular goals:

  • meeting people who live in situations similar to yours
  • sharing experiences and exchanging information
  • learning from and with the others
  • giving each other courage and strength
  • overcoming isolation
  • starting the change with other people
  • establishing together how to better help each other in the group


The Mutual Self-Help Group (A.M.A.) “Women with the Women” appeals to the will of people to play an active role. It’s a place where you can be accepted with your own difficulties, fears, but it is also a comfortable, warm, vital place which allows to be one’s self, thanks to a group that shares, and therefore deeply understands, everybody’s discomfort.

It is the possibility to be totally one’s self with the expression of your own pain, but also in the silence which looks for the moment and the right words, but it is especially the possibility to be one’s self with your aspirations and hopes for the change, starting from the significant statement “helping others is a bit like helping one’s self”.

To summarize, the goal of this Group will not be curative; the role of the facilitator will not be to lead the Group nor to teach, but rather to help the communication, help respect, recognize, use and preserve the initiatives of the people who are part of it. The goal is to promote the autonomy and to do nothing in place of the members of the Group.

The presence of the facilitator in the group is an additional strengthening.

The participation in the groups is open and free of charge and based on the respect of the privacy.