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Face it


It is very important to understand how you feel.

• You think you are the only one in this situation
• You don’t see a way out
• You think you are the one who did something wrong, that you are not a good wife or mother
• Sometimes you think he gets angry unfairly
• You are ashamed to talk about it
• Your friends don’t seem to want to hear about it
• You are angry at yourself
• You feel alone, you wouldn’t know who to tell about it
• You are afraid for yourself and your sons
• You are afraid to stay alone
• You fear he can get more violent
• You are worried about him
• You were told you should bear with it
• You want to give him another chance…
These are some of the questions that the majority of women ask themselves in a situation of violence.
The first step is to recognize that you lived or are living in a situation of violence, that violence, of any kind, can never be justified.

It is possible to get out of violence by asking for help

It is very important to understand what a relative, friend, acquaintance can do

It can happen to see signs on her body; the majority of the women say they fell down on their own or they had an accident, another important sign is when she steps back from you or she stops seeing you. It is important to not underestimate your feelings and let her know that you are available to listen to her. Women often do not talk to those next to them for fear or shame, or to not hurt the people they love. Giving the chance to listen to her, without judging her, makes a woman feel free to confide and ask for help.
It is very important to:

  • believe her
  • be available to listen to her
  • keep what she tells you secret
  • not judge or blame her
  • not minimize
  • respect her decision and action times
  • not impose advice and not replace her in the decision to take

It is impossible to think to be able to solve the problem on one’s own.